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Gilchrist Interiors
Gilchrist Interiors is a full-service interior design company specializing in individualized lifestyle development. Since 2002, the firm has demonstrated a passion for perfection that ensures each project as spectacular. Clients are guided through the planning process with expert advice, imagination, vision and humor. Stuart Gilchrist’s ability to render “on the spot” sketches ensure that the client’s vision is captured immediately. Working Drawings are developed, as are purchasing documents and project status reports, to create a seamless and stress-free project. This skill-set also plays an invaluable role during the construction process, insuring that the project is made as enjoyable as the end result itself. Specialty workspace and retail establishments are an absolute pleasure for the firm to undertake as well. All projects are held in the highest of confidence.

Gilchrist “Whatnot”
“An emporium of my favorite objects I’ve collected from around the world, mixed with hand  made items from artists and artisans I admire, or with whom I can nurture, all combined to produce a comfortable, personalized and well appointed home.  Having this atelier allows me to experiment with color, scale and proportions my own time.  I love finding one of a kind items to share with my clients as well as my community.”  – Stuart Gilchrist 

Stuart, you are a genius!
– Bruce Gorelick, Hollywood Hills
I love that you love my junk
– Janet Factor, Beverly Hills
Mr. Wonderful
– Mrs. Will Smith, Taluca Lake
Gilchrist “Whatnot”
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