A Journey to Another Time and Place
What’s that in the sidewalk?
Neva’s Place is a journey back to the era of speakeasies and juke joints.  Hidden underneath Gilchrist “Whatnot”, this long forgotten underground bar was rediscovered when the doors concealed in the sidewalk were opened.  The stunning World War II era murals were well preserved.  The soldiers of Camp Beale enjoyed strong drinks and the energy only available in Marysville’s Chinatown district.  

Music is Key
Live Jazz, Blues, Folk and other genres
Original Music
Neva’s Place takes pride in featuring local composers and song writers.  Gilchrist “What” host Jazz, Blues, Folk and other artists that bring out the colors of the murals and flavor of Neva’s specialty drinks.  
No, Spirits are Key
We only carry top shelf spirits. None of that rotgut here!!
Alchemist & Mixologist
Enjoy a nice drink that compliments the music and atmosphere. Have a traditional drink or something out of the ordinary. Neva’s bar is manned by talented alchemist and mixologist that will create flaming, color changing and other mystical cocktails. 
Do you know the password?
Getting into Neva’s is not always easy.  You  have to know the password.
Intimate Venue
Neva’s Place is a venue for intimate and special events. Neva’s is available for private events along with events hosted by Gilchrist Whatnot.  Contact us for scheduling a private event or obtaining membership.
Contact Us

323 708 9330

Gilchrist “Whatnot”
101 C Street
Marysville CA 95901
Neva’s Place is located beneath Gilchrist “Whatnot” in Marysville’s historic Chinatown District.  Gilchrist “Whatnot” has a host of vintage gifts & accessories, antiques, and unique creations by local artists and artisans.